Death Walks These Streets At Night

The Beauty in a Travesty

Jiaolong Ito
Character Background
Jiaolong was born in 1547 in very southern Japan in the Chūgoku Region. During this time there was still warring between the North and South of Japan and the North did not hesitate to recruit the Chinese traders who wished for more than trading. This is how Jiao’s mother found herself with child. During an attack on her village in the Abu District where she was living, she was raped by one of the Chinese men and nine months later give birth to her son. She dare not kill him, for having a male child, who could grow up strong was at least some what of a blessed from the tragedy. She named him Jiaolong after the scaled wingless dragon God and gave him the surname of Ito, for the samurai master she sold him to from birth.

After years of training with him master, Jiao quickly learned the ways and disciplines of being a samurai. It gave him a clarity of mind and an inner peace that was so rarely found else where in Japan. Shortly after he turned 24 he became a samurai for the Yoshimi clan, which was the main ruling clan in the Chūgoku region. He fought for them for 2 years before he met Natsumi and fell in love.

Jiao was on patrol that night, to look out for other invading warriors and to make sure the oil lamps did not get knocked over and light the manor on fire while his masters slept. He was bored of staring into the dark of the night for the last 20 minutes when a pale form off to his left caught his attention. He half drew his sword and quietly approached. When he was only within 200 meters, he could see that the form was a woman in a white kimono with dark cherry blossoms playing up from the bottom by her bare feet and the bottoms of her sleeves. Her pitch colored hair was pulled elegantly on top of her head. Upon seeing that there was no threat he sheathed his sword and approached her. She greeted him with a kind smile and walked to meet him.

“My lady, are you not cold on such a night as this?” She did not reply. She simply continued to smile coyly at him. “You are not even wearing any shoes or sandals. Your feet must be half frozen from walking on the cold ground.” Jiao kept trying to move further toward the shelter of the manor and off the half frozen ground. It was the middle of winter after all.

“Take off you helmet”

“What?” Jiao was startled; this was the first she had spoken.

“It is a simple enough request. Take off your helmet. I want to see if your beautiful voice matches your face.” Jiao was surprised by the request, yet felt utterly compelled to fulfill it, so he did. He pulled of his helmet and let his long hair free to rest down his back.

The woman let out an audible sigh when his helmet was finally off. She reached up and touched his face with both of her hands, which were surprisingly warm. “Ah, you are truly are magnificent.” Jiao couldn’t help but slightly blush at her bold words. He had never been called beautiful by a woman before, though other samurai had harassed him for being “pretty.”

“What is your name, my lady?” Jiao was at a loss for what else to say.

She smiled that same smile at him again and replied “Natsumi. My name is Natsumi, my young Ito Jiaolong.”

Jiao started out of her grasp. Natsumi’s hands floated back down to her sides. “How do you know my name? I..I mean my given name. None but my masters and my closet friend know that!” yelled Jiao. He quickly quieted down for fear of waking the manor. “Who are you?”

“I already told you. I am Natsumi. For now, you do not need to know more, my sweet Ito-kun.” The smile returned to Natsumi’s face. With one more glance at Jiao, she silently walked off into the night.

For the next few months, whenever Jiaolong was on patrol or guarding during the night, Natsumi would come visit him and keep him company. She always wore a traditional kimono and lacked any form of shoes. Many times she would bring him fruit or other warm foods for Jiao, but never part took in the meal herself. As her visits grew in number, Jiao’s suspicion of the elegant woman dwindled and a strange fondness replaced it.

Almost six months after Natsumi and Jiao’s initial meeting, two very important things happened at once. Jiao was finally able to admit to himself that he had fallen for the strange woman and wanted her for his bride and the other was that his masters were sending him and the other samurai they owned to war.

The fighting was fierce and brutal. Within the first month, the Yoshimi clan’s army had been cut in half. The remaining samurai and warriors felt the burden and desperation of their decreased numbers daily. It was another month before the remaining warriors found themselves in a battle that they could not win. They fought from sunrise to just after dark. Jiao fell shortly after the sun set over the Seto Inland Sea.

The battle field had turned the grass and leaves under foot red and slick. The soles of her feet were stained crimson as she walked between the bodies of the fallen. She stopped before him and gazed down. He had been stabbed with a katana through the middle. He was still alive, through barely. The bleeding was slow and painful. Another hour and he would be dead. Only the tight press of his armor had prolonged his death thus far. She knelt down, further staining her pale kimono and gently removed his helmet and then his shoulder armor. Painfully, Jiao opened his eyes.


“Shhh. Do not bother wasting breath, there is no need.” Natsumi ran a gentle ran through Jiao blood matted hair. “Oh, beautiful Jiaolong, you are far too exquisite to end this way,” she sighed softly. She laid a gentle kiss upon his forehead and then turned his head to the side. He did not even feel when her fangs slid into his neck, only the ecstasy of her taking all but the last of his blood. Finally, she pulled away and tore at her wrist with her teeth before offering the fresh wound to Jiao.

“Drink love. You will feel much better for it.” She kissed him more hungrily this time before he took her wrist and drank. The rest of the evening was a blur of motion and color. He the next evening Jiao awoke clean, healthy, and naked in a large bed. He wasn’t alone either, Natsumi was right there next to him when he woke for the first time as a vampire of the Toreador clan.

The end of the 1500’s and the beginning of the 1600’s brought about a great isolation for Japan in the form of the Edo Era. With Natsumi as the Primogen of the Chūgoku Region Toreador Clan, life was better than it had ever been for Jiaolong. But, as the humans became more military oriented, so did the vampires and new tensions and unease started arising in the Toreador clan.

A Toreador by the name of Kumo Masahiro had moved up in the ranks through various methods of intimidation, seduction, extortion, blackmail, and bribery. He was unusually intelligent and cunning, though he highly disliked getting his own hands dirty for any reason. He had maneuvered himself just a few positions away from the Primogen herself, though this move was not lost on Natsumi, though his ultimate goal was overlooked.

It was in the summer of 1638 that Kumo and those loyal to him made their move. They had kept Natsumi late into the evening with meeting about tactics and logical planning for the clan, thus she had not gone hunting yet when they struck. Just under 30 of her formally loyal Toreadors attacked her and those loyal to her. They were motivated by the potential of no longer being ruled by a “inferior female.” They killed 4 of her men, while she killed 12 of theirs. But sadly, just before dawn they had Natsumi bound in iron shackles and she greeted the dawn screaming.

Jiao had been hunting that evening and took shelter when the morning came. The next evening when he arrived back to the Toreador Manor to find his beloved Natsumi murdered and that Kumo had named himself the new Primogen, he fell into a frenzy. Kumo’s followers restrained Jiao and locked him away within the manor, not killing him for the amusement of playing with the young vampire. Four days later, Jiao was released from his cell, starving and heartbroken. This was also the first time he felt the loss of not only his beloved but of but the loss of a piece of his humanity.

From that day forward the missions started. Kumo took great amusement in sending Jiaolong on as many missions and tasks as he could think of, many of which, Jiao found, he was not supposed to have come back alive from. Every mission that Jiao completed, he closed himself off more and more and honed his skills, and with every mission Jiao completed Kumo became more and more angry and weary of the half Japanese man.

During this time, rumors had started to spread among the humans and the vampires about a man that silently stalked and killed in the night. He was soon known as Death by the humans and young children were warned by their parents that they should behave or the golden-eyed Death would get them in the night.

Finally, in 1872 Japan had reopened her borders for several years and started trading with other countries, including the western world. With travel between the islands of Asia and mainland China now readily available, Jiao decided to confront Kumo Masahiro as a way of saying thank you for the hospitality over the years.

Kumo fell easily to Jiao. The battle was short and bloody, with Jiao painting the main hall with Kumo’s blood. Kumo had never been a true Primogen and lacked the basic skills of fighting. He had also unwittingly trained Jiao far to well and created a cold killer out of the Toreador. After Kumo’s death, Jiao left Japan for China, leaving the Chūgoku Clan to pick up the pieces of not having a Primogen themselves. He had lost his respect for authority the day Natsumi died.

After Jiao’s killing of Kumo Masahiro, the vampires also adopted the nickname of Death for Jiaolong, for he was now thought of as a bringer of death for any vampire he got close to. His cold appearance was often described as beautiful and terrifying. Many did not trust the clan betrayer, no matter justified they might find his reasons.

It took several years before Jiao was finally able to find a clan that would accept a Primogen-killer (no mater how weak or fake the Primogen had been.) The Hong-Kong Toreadors were finally the ones to take Jiao in, though, only after making him swear to never raise his hand or blades to the Primogen while he was clan. He stayed with the clan, though only followed the orders he liked, otherwise he could be found haunting the locate music hall, art exhibit, or simply finding a release among the humans or his own kind. This went on until 1983, when he meet the blond stranger that finally brought passion and a fire back into Jiao for the first time in almost 350 years.

Character Traits
Jiao is usually cool, calm and collected, though he can be down right cold if he wants to be. He is intelligent and knows when to fight, run or use seduction or manipulation to get what he wants. He has absolutely no hesitation when it comes to using sex as a means of getting what he wants, after all, he basically prostituted himself when he was under Kumo’s rule and it is something he just simply lives with. Jiao does have a temper, but it takes a while to get there. He is more likely to kill you with little emotion showing than in a frenzy. Though, when his temper does break, it is very hard for him or anyone else to control and the chance of him losing more of his humanity greatly increases. One of Jiao’s greatest struggles is to accept who he has become and keep the humanity he has remaining.

Current/Previous Allies and Enemies
Jiao is very loyal to Izaak. He would lay his life down for the blond vampire, especially since there are few other who are willing to trust him as Izaak has. Jiao has many acquaintances and a few friends in the classical art and classical music worlds, though almost all of them are human these days. He has enemies from his former Tordeaor clan in Chūgoku Japan. He has no desire to return to that region and they have desire to see him, so that has all worked for better or worse.

Physical Appearance
He is muscular and slender at just under 6 feet tall and absolutely gorgeous. His mother was Japanese, while his father was Chinese, so he has the appearance of both and neither people. He keeps his pitch black hair loosely tied behind his neck, so that it reaches his low back. His eyes are unusual for both the Japanese and the Chinese. They are a deep clear gold-amber that will glow slightly when he is excited or enthralled with ecstasy. The other odd thing about his eyes is that the whites of his eyes will turn black when he is just about to loose complete control of his temper, go into a frenzy or after he has been killing for hours at a time and he is on an extreme killing rush. If his eyes turn too often or for too long he can loose himself and thus loose some of his humanity.

Where He Lives
Having virtually no expenses for so many years and keeping the money he acquired on his “mission” while in Japan, Jiao has stored up a bit of nest egg to live on. He owns an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and a very thick pair of window shades and drapes to cover the wonderful view during less desirable hours of the day.

Mode of Transportation
While living in Hong Kong he walked everywhere or was driven so he had no real need for a license or a car. But when Jiao moved to New York City he finally caved in and found a mode of transportation he liked. A motorcycle. On a side note, he never wants to step into the DMV for their evening hours again. Best just not to ask.

Guns. And lots of them. Though if you ever do manage to get all the weapons off Jiao, you will also find several knives, and “needles.” He has no qualms about getting his hands dirty and he has even learned to enjoy a good killing that isn’t just for food.

Jiaolong works as an advisor and consultant to many of the major theaters and museums in China, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England and the United States. Humans are always impressed with his knowledge of Edo Era Japanese artifacts and history, as well as classical music. Art and music are some of the few things that have kept Jiao sane and somewhat himself over the years.

Character Specifics
Vampire Disciplines
Auspex: II
-I. Heightened Senses - All natural senses are heightened (Sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste)
-II. Aura Perception - You are able to perceive psychic auras that surround all mortals and supernatural beings. This can be used to determine the subject's emotional state and can also to detect otherwise hidden supernatural beings.

Presense: II
-I. Awe - Mortals desire to be closer to you and are more receptive to your point of view.
-II. Dread Gaze - You are able to intimidate your foes, engendering unbearable terror.

Celerity: III
I. You are able to move about twice as fast as a human.
II. You are able to move about three times as fast as a human.
III. You are able to move about four times as fast as a human.

10th Generation Toreador

Catlike Balance (1pt merit)
-Walking across the beams of a 90 story building? No problem. Now the handstands on said beams are really impressive.
Common Sense(1pt merit)
-Understands the practical everyday wisdom of the world.
Daredevil (3pt merit)
- Jiao is good at taking risks, and even better at surviving them.
Enemy (1pt flaw)
- He has made enemies of the entire Chūgoku Toreador Clan. Not necessarily a small group of vampires, but they leave him alone as long as he leave them alone.
Probationary Sect Member (4pt flaw)
- He killed the Primogen of the Chūgoku Toreador Clan after they killed the previous Primogen, his lover and then he left the clan. He held no loyalty to the Primogen he killed and felt he was honoring his lover’s memory by killing her murderer. He still has a lot to prove before the vampire world fully accepts him again.





Combat Abilities
Offense: 5 (+1 with handgun or knife)
Defense: 10